All through school, I was always the shy kid. I think a little had to do with switching schools at a crucial age. I had lived with both of my parents until I was 10, then just my mom until I was 12, then I moved in with my dad and started 7th grade at a new school. I knew nobody and that’s the time in life when people start forming cliques and ignoring the new kids.

I had a few friends here and there, but all the way until college, I wasn’t really known, I was almost a loner, I didn’t go to parties or hang out with the cool kids, or get into trouble, or anything. I played it safe, I didn’t stand out, I was shy, and I mostly just kept to myself.

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Mac Lethal

December 22, 2012 // Life

I feel like I’ve heard of this guy before, but I don’t know much about him. Regardless, I think we are on the same page on a few things. Here are a couple videos he’s recently posted. Both are in reference to the Connecticut shootings. RIP to all of those that lost their lives that tragic morning (except the shooter, fuck him.)

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Everyone Hates Instagram

December 19, 2012 // Social Media

Have you heard of Backspaces yet? It’s an app similar to Instagram. I’m not sure when it launched but I can guarantee they are seeing a massive amount of new users because of the whole Instagram privacy policy updates yesterday. And if you weren’t aware of the Instagram news yesterday, people were all pissed off because they said they might sell your photos to businesses or whatever.

So you take a shitty pic of your dumb friend standing in line at Best Buy on Black Friday, you upload it on Instagram (a free app to share with millions), add a badass filter, type up the funniest caption ever, think of 30 random hashtags, then hit the Done button. Then Best Buy wants to buy that image to use in their marketing. Instagram sells it to them. You find out and instantly want to murder someone because you are the “photographer” and deserve to get rich off of your creativity or whatever.

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eBay is Smart, People are Dumb

December 18, 2012 // Money

No matter how the economy is doing, I’m certain that huge ecommerce sites like Amazon and eBay will always be around, and still be killing it.

People just can’t pass up a “good deal” or a “24 hour shopping event”, or “69% off sale” or “coupon codes” or whatever. But what I’ll never get, is the way the average eBay user approaches auction-style listings.

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I’ve been in this world for over 30 years, and people still relate me to the baseball player Randy Johnson.

“Wait, that’s your real name?!?!?”
“So, I bet your arm is sore from pitching all those years.”
“Ya, I’m actually not the baseball player.”

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